Automatic Wire Harness Manufacturing

2022/10/14 17:12:00

JCW-CM10 Fully Automatic Dual-end

Wire Stripping, Terminal Crimping to Housing Connector Insertion Machine

The JCW-CM10 is an advanced fully automatic machine for wire tinning to terminal crimping and housing insertion. It is capable to processes max 20 wires simultaneously. Enormous time savings of up to 50% due to higher efficiency and accuracy

Side A: jacket stripping, terminal crimping, housing insertion.

Side B: jacket stripping, wire twisting, fluxing and tinning, or terminal crimping and housing insertion. 

Thanks to the ingenious design and repeated trials, the JCW-CM10 achieves a high precision with only 3‰ defective products. Furthermore, the machine distinguishes and classifies qualified products and faulty products automatically. 

The JCW-CM10 housing insertion machine combines Mitsubishi servo motors, CCD visual inspection system, CFM, and all-around inspection devices.

High-performance Panasonic PLC control system. All the processes can be adjusted finely to meet high-end production requirements, such as tinning depth, crimping force, stripping length, etc.

Long lifetime of the key parts over 6 years, servo motors, servo drivers, retarders, etc

Modular design, user-friendly interface, 9" touch screen, and high-end computer make the operation exact and easy.