Micro Coax Cable Automatic Cut Strip Solution

Micro Coax Cable Automatic Cut Strip Solution

JCW-CS600A Micro Coaxial Cable Automatic Cutting & Stripping Machine

JCW-CS600A high-precision coaxial cable automatic cutting and stripping machine is specially designed for micro-coax cable ranging from 0.64 to 4mm. 

The fully programmable rotary incision unit allows easy processing of high precision coaxial and multilayer applications. 

The JCW-CS600A is ideal for low-volume, quick-changeover applications, and high-volume production runs, giving the best possible flexibility and productivity to your production methods.


JCW-CS600A Micro Coaxial Cable Automatic Cutting & Stripping Machine


Single wire, multicore cable, micro coax cable, cut length, cut depth, data library, workbench

Cable diameter

0.64 - 4.0 mm 

Cutting length ( L )
22 - 9999 mm
Cutting accuracy

L ± 1‰

Cut depth increment0.01 mm 
Stripping lengthLead side: max 200mm
Rear side: max 45mm
Stripping length increment0.01 mm
Stripping steps6
Product rate750 - 1300 pcs/h [ Depending on cable type ]
Data library40 programs
Power supply
AC 110 - 220 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz  
Rated power800 W
DisplayEnglish / Chinese [ customizable ]
DimensionsL 760 x W 700 x H 400 mm
Weight100 KG

Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

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