The cable winding and rewinding machines are highly customized machines based on customers' requirements. 

When ordering cable winding machines, we recommend customers submit cable samples or images, also the specifications of the original and new cable drums, so as to offer the most proper models to meet your processing needs.  


JCW-WB300 Cable Winding Machine


Cable winding and laying, cable roll, cable drum, winding speed, load 200KG, emergency stop button

Max roll O.D.700 mm 
Roll inner diameter300 mm [ optional 200 / 250 / 500mm  ]
Roll width70 - 150 mm
Max drum O.D.700 mm [ customizable ]
Max load weight200 KG
Rated power5.5 KW
Display7" color touchscreen, English / Chinese  [ other languages on request ]
Compatible peripheralsCable measuring device, cable prefeeding machine
Measuring accuracy2‰
Measuring displayElectronic, mechanic
Machine colorCustomizable
Power supply
3 x 380 V AC

* Must Be Filled

* Must Be Filled