JCW-QC16 Wire Harness Color Sequence Tester

Automatically triggered after placing the wiring harness in the fixture, without the need for an external switch to trigger.

The JCW-QC16 wire harness color sequence detector uses high-performance industrial cameras, the imaging effect is very good, and the detection accuracy is high.

The operation is simple, the user can use it directly, and can learn to operate it in 1 minute.

Long service life, low power consumption of less than 30W, service life is more than 5 times of ordinary PC.

Standard system, strong stability, and versatility, all wiring harnesses can be tested.

Strong anti-interference ability, the wires with character can be detected without affecting the detection results.

Automatically report detection results by voice ( OK or NG ).

* Must Be Filled

* Must Be Filled