JCW-CST18D Dual-end Wire Crimping to Heat Shrink Tube Processing Machine

Highly automated wire processing center

The JCW-CST18D fully automatic wire strip to heat shrink tubing processing machine combines various working stations: wire cutting and stripping, terminal crimping, heat shrink tubing cutting, insertion and shrinking stations. 

This smart machine is capable to meet demanded requirements, all the parameters are programmable via the 10" color touchscreen. 

With low investment, JCW offers you high price-to-performance ratio solution for automated wire harness processing. 

ModelJCW-CST18D Dual-end Wire Crimping to Heat Shrink Tube Processing Machine

Single/dual end stripping, Full stripping, Partial stripping, Single/Dual end terminal crimping, Heat shrink tubing cutting, insertion & shrink, Cut depth, Pull-off length.

Wire rangeAWG 22 - AWG 14 
Raw material
PVC, Teflon, Low halogen, etc.
Crimp force2 tons [ 20 KN ]
Cut length ( L )75 - 99999 mm
Cut length tolerance0.2mm ± 0.002 x L 
Strip lengthFront side: 0.5 - 8 mm
Rear side: 0.1 - 10 mm
Production rate1000 pcs/h by 150mm cutting length
Data library100 programs
DetectorWire lack, Wire knot, Wire stripping, Terminal crimping, Air pressure 
Optional peripheralsCFM, Wire prefeed machine, Motorized conveyor belt
Display10" touch screen, English / Chinese  [ other languages on request ]
Power supply
AC 110 / 220V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz 
Rated power3500 W
Air supply0.5 - 0.8 MPa [ Clean and dry air ]
Weight800 KG
DimensionsL 1800 x W 800 x H 1600 mm

Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

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