JCW-T05 Handheld Mobile Wire Harness Taping Machine 

Easy handle, lightweight. Shorten taping time, improve taping quality

Mobile wire harness taping machine

The JCW-T05 is a wonderful handheld wire taping machine, compact and lightweight structure with 1.5 KG weight, human mechanics design brings comfortable handle, any operator can use it to tape longer segments quickly and easily.

This tape wrapping machine adopts a hidden protective multi-V blade, which cuts the tape smoothly and protects the operator from possible damage.

The JCW-T05 taping machine is an ideal taping tool for usage on the assembly board. Each machine comes with a full set of standard components, hang the tool up within reachable range, easy to grab, and supply well protected to the tool itself. 

Fast and settable

The JCW-T05 portable taping machine is with high rotation speed, which reaches 400 RPM max. The high speed offers short cycle time for long taping than manual taping. 

By short training, any operator can make consistent taping tension by using this taping machine. Novice can start from low speed, and adjust the speed step by step. 

High quality motor and components ensure reliable performance and long service life. 


JCW-T05 Handheld Mobile Wire Harness Taping Machine 

Tape width10 - 25 mm
Tape roll diameter
Inner diameter: Optional
Outer diameter:  max 110mm
Wire harness diameter8 - 35 mm [ 20 - 55 is optional ]
Wrap speed 130 - 400 RPM
Power supplyAC 110 - 240V, 50 / 60 Hz  
DimensionsL 330 x W 155 x H 130 mm
Weight1.5 KG

Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

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* Must Be Filled