JCW-T07 Handheld Tying Gun Nylon Zip Tie Machine 

Loose zip tie, 0.8s cycle time, 2.5m working radius, temperature controller

Extendable nylon zip tie machine

Base on JCW-T06, we developed the JCW-T07 zip tie machine. This flexible machine uses a handheld tying gun to extend the working range. Standard JCW-T07 comes with 2.5 meters length feeding pipe, the length is customizable according to customers' real needs. The handheld taping gun can also be fixed onto the machine for standard production. 

The JCW-T07 tying machine will sound alarm when nylon tie is jammed. The operator just needs to press the trigger once again, the stuck zip tie will be cleaned by air jet. A temperature controller is fitted onto the machine, 

This tying machine is suitable for most regular zip ties, the high-quality vibrate bowl adopts zip ties of different lengths. This machine will align and feed the loose zip ties automatically, the energy-saving and environmentally friendly vibrating plate will automatically sleep if it does not work within the set time. 

This nylon zip tie machine adopts PLC and a 7" color touchscreen, the operator can set various parameters exactly in seconds. The cutting length is settable due to different processing requirements. Banding tension is adjustable by turning a knob. 

The feeding gear is built inside the enclosure, which eliminates the possibility to damage the operator's fingers. The operator only needs to place another harness after an ultra-short cycle time of 0.8 seconds. 

Customizable solutions

We are capable to customize this machine for using all kinds of special nylon zip ties. If you have a project, please contact us, our experienced engineers will offer high-efficiency solutions. 


JCW-T07 Handheld Tying Gun Nylon Zip Tie Machine  

Nylon tie rangeL 80 / 100 / 120 / 150 x W 2.5 / 3.6 mm
Wire harness diameter2.0 - 33 mm 
Cycle time0.8 second
Working radius2.5 m,  Customizable
Power supplyAC 110 - 220V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz 
DimensionsL 700 x W 700 x H 750 mm
Weight150 KG

Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

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