JCW-S600A Rotary Wire Stripper Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

Rotary stripping, 9 stripping steps, 7.5mm cable, ultra-economic

Low price, high flexibility

The JCW-S600A coaxial wire stripping machine is a reliable model for processing various single wire, multiconductor cable, coaxial, triaxial cable, and conductors with braided insulation, especially micro-coaxial cable with thin insulation.  

This entry-level coaxial wire stripper uses 2 pieces of blades at an ultra-economic price, it's ideal for low-volume, quick-changeover applications also high-volume production needs, offering the best possible productivity and flexibility.

Reliable multistep stripping

The JCW-S600A features multistep stripping up to a max of 9 steps, the processing steps for multi-layered cable can be programmed in any desired order. The cable clamping diameter, stripping position and pull-off length of each layer are all programmable via a user-friendly color interface, with no need for any mechanical adjustments when changing wire sizes.

Easy to operate

Each of the JCW-S600A coax & wire stripper comes with a bilingual interface, English, and Chinese. The machine language can be changed by customers' requirements to make its operation easier. The intuitive display assists the operator with setting the processing parameters. Parameters such as cut duration, pull-off speed, wire diameter, etc. are all settable respectively. 

The JCW-S600A offers 4 ways to activate the processing, trigger sensor, touch screen, start button, and foot pedal.

Updated Model JCW-S600A+ Coax Cable Stripping Machine

Base on JCW-S600A, we developed the reinforced model JCW-S600A+ stripping machine, this machine uses 4 pieces of blades. The rotating stripping head cut the entire circumference of the insulation with precision, which minimizes the force needed for pull-off and maximizes the service life of the blades. 

The JCW-S600A+ coax stripping machine is suitable for processing cables with hard insulation, some semi-rigid cables also belong to its processing range. 

ModelJCW-S600A Rotary Wire Stripper Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine
FunctionCoaxial cable, multistep stripping, rotary stripping, full stripping, partial stripping. 
Raw materialPVC, Teflon, Silicone, Low halogen, Fiberglass, etc
Cable diameterJCW-S600A: 0.5 - 7.5 mm 
JCW-S600A+: 1.9 - 9.5 mm
Stripping length JCW-S600A: 0.1 - 48 mm
JCW-S600A+: 0.1 - 65 mm
Cutting depth increment
0.01 mm
BladesJCW-S600A: 2 pcs
JCW-S600A+: 4 pcs
Stripping steps9
Production rate400 - 600 pcs/h 
Data libraryYes
Display4.3" color touchscreen, English / Chinese  [ other languages on request ]
Power supply
AC 110 / 220 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz  
DimensionsL 530 x W 190 x H 330 mm
Weight25 KG

Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

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