JCW-WB10 Automatic Cable Winding and Bundling Machine

Full range solutions of wire/cable/rope/tube winding and bundling

Proven high quality

The JCW-WB10 series automatic cable winding and bundling machines have been proven reliable in the last years by numerous domestic and overseas customers. These wire bundling machines adopt PLC control system, servo motors and high-quality pneumatic components. 

Independent power distribution cabinet, which can be removed as a whole, the electrical circuit is standard, neat and standardized, and easy to maintain.

Humanized design to reduce employee fatigue

Easy use

Via a 7" color touch screen, all of the values of feeding, winding, and twisting can be programmed in seconds. The JCW-WB10 automatic cable bundling machine comes with an English interface, we are able to add other languages by following customers' requirements. 

This series of wire winding machines allow the winding of the cable into a round coil and oval loop. The leading length and trailing length are all adjustable easily to meet customers' vivid requirements and cooperate with downline processing. The JCW-WB10 series machines can be used in the wire harness industry, power cable industry, also rope and soft tubings belong to the processing range. 

Please select the proper model or submit your cable type, diameter, length, and winding requirement by words or a sample image, we will recommend a suitable machine. 

Customized fully-auto cable cutting stripping and bundling machines

JCW offers fully automatic cable packing solutions as well, starting from cable cutting and stripping until bundling

Please contact us if you have customization needs. 

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