JCW-WP05 Series Heavy-duty Motorized Payoff Drum Stand

Heavy-duty wire despooler, controllable by downline machines

Solution of unwinding and feeding big cable spool

Wire stripping machines are designed to do precise measuring, cutting and stripping, but are not designed for pulling heavy reels or spools.  When pulling spools weighing 20 kgs or more directly from the stripper, this can shorten the life of the stripper’s wire drive mechanism.  The cable prefeeder helps protect and prolong the service life of your wire stripper as it absorbs all the stress that comes from pulling and tugging wire off a spool, thus protecting your wire processor investment. 

The JCW-WP05 heavy-duty cable dereeling and prefeeding machines are free-standing, electrical prefeeding machines designed to pull wire and cable from big reels weighing up to 100 and 200 kg, reel diameter up to 630 and 800 mm. Heavy-duty cable reels are easy to be mounted onto the dereeler due to the folding loading plate. 

These cable feeding units provide constant tension to downline cable processing machines, they are equipped with moveable pulleys which respond to the typical intermittent starting and stopping actions associated with automatic wire processing machines. Furthermore, the JCW-WP05 can be connected with the wire processing machines, in this way, they are more synchronized. 4 rollers make the JCW-WP05 a mobile cable feeding unit, so as to work anywhere easily. 

This active cable dereeler is equipped with an adjustable dereeling motor,  which is activated with a pendulum arm, the feed speed automatically adjusts to the actual requirement of any wire and cable processing machine, including the cutting machine, cutting and stripping machine, automatic terminal crimping machine, etc. 

When ordering wire prefeeding machines, we recommend customers submit cable samples or images, also the cutting length and wire processing machine models, so as to offer the most proper models to meet your processing needs.  


JCW-WP05 Heavy-Duty Motorized Payoff Drum Stand

Wire diameter16 mm 
Wire reel diameterJCW-WP05A: 630 mm
JCW-WP05B: 800 mm
Wire reel widthJCW-WP05A: 480 mm
JCW-WP05B: 500 mm
Wire reel weightJCW-WP05A: 100 KG
JCW-WP05B: 200 KG
Wire storage3 m
Rated power750 / 1500 W
Power supplyAC 110 - 220V, 50 / 60 Hz  
DimensionsJCW-WP05A: L 960 x W 810 x H 1050 mm
JCW-WP05B: L 1240 x W 920 x H 1050 mm
WeightJCW-WP05A: 215 KG
JCW-WP05B: 265 KG

Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

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