Hexagonal Crimping Profile

Hexagonal Crimping Profile

JCW-20T Servo Motorized Hexagon Edge Cable Crimping Machine

10 - 120mm² copper cable lug, 200 KN crimping force, fully programmable

Hexagonal crimping for cables, lug, and connectors

Hexagonal crimp is the most common type of crimping for copper and aluminum cable, lug, and connector. Its advantage is the central force which is applied consistently from all directions by the hexagonal crimping die set. During the crimping operation, the individual strands of the conductor are being homogeneously compressed preventing any damage.

The JCW-20T is such a professional hexagonal crimping machine that is mainly designed for large tubular terminals ranging from 10 to  120mm², it also can be used for crimping large pre-insulated connectors. It is widely used in the power industry, new energy cables, charging cables, and charging gun wire harness processing field. 

Reliable crimping, simple operation

The JCW-20T cable lug crimping machine combined industrial control chip with high precision servo drive, 7" color touch screen with a user-friendly interface, quality PLC to ensure the machine is running very stable, 200KN crimping force and settable holding time to make sure the crimped lug is always reliable. 120KG weight and robust machine body guarantee long service life.

The operator can adjust crimp height and switch saved programs in seconds by touching the display, with no crimp dies set adjustment needs. 

This electrical crimping machine can save 16 programs which include crimp height, holding time, etc.  

Standard machine comes with English display, we are also capable to change the languages by your needs.


JCW-20T Servo Motorized Hexagon Edge Cable Crimping Machine


Uninsulated tubular terminal, Hexagon crimping, Crimp height adjustment on-screen, Data library

Cable range10 - 120 mm² [ Min AWG 10 ]
Crimping force200 KN 
Crimping length12.5 mm [ other lengths on request ]

32 MM

Rated power2300 W
ActivationFoot pedal
Power supply
AC 110 - 220 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz 
DimensionsL 500 x W 450 x H 480 mm
Weight120 KG

Complies with CE equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

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* Must Be Filled